Arkansas TIGG Chapters

ArkTIGG Chapters | Baxter County | Bella Vista | Conway | Fort Smith | Harrison | Hot Springs | Gravette | Jonesboro | Ozark | Washington County

was officially established January 22, 2020.  The GROUP is comprised of ten local self-named and self-directed Transparency in Government Group chapters located in Baxter CountyBella Vista, Conway, Fort Smith, Harrison, Hot Springs, Gravette, Jonesboro, Ozark and Washington County.  It is anticipated that in the near future additional TIGG chapters will be formed and that, eventually, there will be at least one TIGG chapter in each of the seventy-five counties in Arkansas.  Interested citizens desiring to establish a local chapter are encouraged to contact the respective leaders of each of the other TIGG chapters whose names and telephone numbers appear on this website.

Each of the ten local TIGG chapters has dedicated its membership activities to the better understanding of the State‚Äôs Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) of 1967, as amended, and the ramifications of that special and important State law as it impacts the lives of Arkansas citizens.  As individuals attempt to become more aware of their local, county and State governments, the provisions and mandates of the FOIA can be valuable tools while helping citizens access governmental and nonprofit documents and participate in meetings sponsored by those agencies and entities.

Chapter activities, among other things, frequently focus upon the understanding and use of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act and the encouragement of governmental agencies, and specific nonprofit entities utilizing tax dollars, to be transparent in all of their activities as they expend and account for the dissemination of public taxpayer monies.

It is vital in a democratic society that public business be performed in an open and public manner so that the electors shall be advised of the performances of public officials and of the decisions they make--and why they make those decisions. Toward this end, the membership activities of those chapters functioning under the umbrella of THE ARKANSAS TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT GROUP are dedicated to the proper implementation of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act of 1967, as amended.  Membership activities are dedicated to making it possible for all Arkansas citizens to learn their rights--and claim those rights--under the provisions of that far reaching and important statute.