FOIA Coalition

The Arkansas Freedom of Information Coalition

The Arkansas Freedom of Information Coalition is composed of individuals who represent virtually every media organization in the State of Arkansas--both print and broadcast--as well as representatives from those organizations, entities and offices noted below:

American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas
Arkansas Broadcasters Association
Arkansas College Press Association

Arkansas Education Association
Arkansas Municipal League
Arkansas Policy Foundation
Arkansas Press Association
Arkansas Press Women
Arkansas Tech University
Associated Press
Association of Arkansas Counties
Office of the Governor of Arkansas
Office of the Arkansas Attorney General
Society of Professional Journalists-Arkansas Pro Chapter
Society of Professional Journalists-University of Arkansas
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Members of the Coalition strive to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the State’s FOIA Statute and its ramifications and work to stay abreast of any legislation--and/or legislative proposals--which might affect, in any way, the positive intent and mandates of the law. 

Members of the Coalition serve voluntarily and are strong advocates of the State’s Freedom of Information Act of 1967.  The Coalition serves as a citizen watchcare entity functioning to ensure that the FOIA is not needlessly altered, “watered down” and/or changed to reduce citizen access to public meetings and the timely review of public documents.

Individuals desiring to learn more about the mission of the Coalition, its activities and its functions may contact the Arkansas Press Association at 501-374-1500.